Can Australia’s consumer society reduce climate emissions to safe levels?

Questions for the Interim Garnaut Report

Can Australia reduce its greenhouse emissions to safe levels, as the Interim Garnaut Report claims, with little effect on the economy? TED TRAINER looks into the report and wonders how it will be possible to cut dependence on fossil fuels by 90% and move to alternative energy sources while the economy becomes four times as big by 2050, without significant consequences for the commitment to affluent living standards and limitless economic growth. As the report gives no indication where the energy to replace fossil fuels is to come from in such quantities, Trainer makes generous assumptions, and estimates but finds it would not be possible to draw up a 2050 Australian energy budget for anticipated demand within safe CO2 limits, let alone a 2100 budget. He challenges Professor Garnaut and critics to check his data and show where it’s wrong. With a stable economy and much less affluent ways, we can resolve the ecological crisis.


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