Condoleezza Rice visits Auckland

Protest against Condoleezza Rice visit

Protest against Condoleezza Rice visit

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is visiting Auckland from Friday 25 July to Sunday 27 July. She provides the soft public face for a host of aggressive, immoral policies to expand the US empire. For example she has fronted policies resulting in the death of one million Iraqi civilians in return for US control of Iraq’s oil resources. She should be indicted for war crimes.

She is meeting Helen Clark and Winston Peters at Government House on Saturday 26th July.

Protest March to government house Meet at the corner of Carlton Gore Road and Park Road 1.30pm Saturday 26th July

This will be followed by a protest from 3.15pm outside the Langham Hotel in Symonds Street where she is scheduled to meet National Party Leader John Key.

The protest is co-ordinated by Global Peace and Justice Auckland and will be calling for Condoleezza Rice to be indicted for war crimes as well as calling for United States and New Zealand troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan and Iraq.


On the 11th of September 2007 – The U.S. and New Zealand delegations made up of U.S. and NZ corporate and business interests attempted to hold a preliminary meeting in Auckland to discuss the future of such a free trade agreement. The forum organisers had originally planned to host the event at the Auckland war memorial museum but due to information gathered via surveillance of New Zealanders opposed to the Trade agreement in the run up to the event they were forced to employ between 60 and a hundred police officers to barricade themselves into the hotel they were staying at and hold the event there instead. Although the New Zealand public was kept in the dark about the forum, several hundred turned up and peacefully protested outside the event. The social reprecussions of such an agreement for New Zealanders have been ignored with most of New Zealand’s mainstream media focusing on Helen Clarke’s sidestepping of the serious issues instead making congratulatory comments about how New Zealand’s students will now be able to get longer working holiday visas in the U.S.


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