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The cries of “No More Police State!” echoed through Central Auckland as over 200 Maori, trade unionists and left wingers joined a rally to defend the ‘Urewewa 20’, and remember the State Terror Raids of October 15th last year on the Global Day of Action. There were banners and contingents from Tuhoe, Unite, Socialist Aotearoa, the Workers Party, and Auckland’s Anarcha-Feminist collective, with individuals from the NDU, Green Party and Maoridom. Green Party MP Keith Locke spoke about how angry he was that Tame Iti was being treated by the Labour Party as a terrorist and not as a leader of the Tuhoe people.

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Palmerston North whanau came out to tautoko the Global Day of Action to support activists who were arrested during the ‘terror raids’ by projecting images and Sounds against the Court House of palmy oppression. International indigenous support was present with First Nations manuhiri from Turtle Island (Americas). Korero focussed on supporting Tino Rangatiratanga and Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe and the opposition to the Terrorism Suppression Act.

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150 people went on a lively march through Wellington and stopped at the police station for a shaming history of their violence, and a pass-by of Labour Party candidate Grant Robertson’s office nearly resulted in a very large broken window. Duncan Allan from Unite compared the struggles of working people around the world to the raids and expressed the solidarity of the union. The demo closed with a beautifully scribed piece by local musician Imon Starr who called on everyone to keep fighting and keep loving.

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Banners were hung and fliers were handed out in several cities in Europe in support of the call to drop the charges: Hamburg | Basel | Lausanne | Freiburg | Berlin | Congo

In Melbourne workers and activists rallied against the raids and against repression of the Mexican people’s movements. [ Video ]



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