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Greenpeace – Your Call on CoalGreenpeace has teamed up with comedian Andrew Hansen from The Chaser’s War on Everything to launch a spoof video protesting government plans to subsidise coal companies as part of a future carbon emissions trading scheme.The video features a take-off of children’s entertainers The Wiggles in which “The Coaly Moleys” perform a song with “Lumpy the Coal” called “Imagine paying someone to be a prick”.”He’s Lumpy the Coal, imagine giving him your dough, to pour out poison fumes everywhere the wind may blow,” the video’s colourful characters sing.”To make your atmosphere a little more toxic, imagine paying someone to be a prick.””You might as well be paying someone to barbeque your cat,” the song continues.”To push old ladies on the road and bulldoze them flat.”The video ends by entreating viewers to lodge a complaint with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s office about the government subsidy plan.Greenpeace climate and energy campaigner Simon Roz said the Rudd Government would be handing out $1.2 billion dollars to coal companies under its Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.”It’s rewarding their bad behaviour and defeats the purpose of putting a price on carbon,” he said in a statement.”Just imagine, if that $1.2 billion of public money was spent on buying solar hot water heaters instead, we could install one on every home in Adelaide, significantly reducing electricity bills for families every year,” Mr Roz said.

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