Global Grassroots Mobilisation on Copenhagen 2009 – how to get involved


Global Grassroots Mobilisation on Copenhagen 2009 – how to get involved

December 2009 sees the biggest International Climate meeting EVER being held in Copenhagen as our glorious leaders attempt the most complicated political manouver  in the history of humankind, the attempted creation of a successor to the failed [in terms of meeting its own unambitious objectives] Kyoto Protocol. This time, the stakes are higher, the solutions faker and the negotiations themselves an even more illigitemate and unfitting forum in which to decide the fate of the earth. With every conference of parties [COP], the “supreme body” of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change [UNFCCC], the process increasingly resembles a WTO meeting. Bursting with trade ministers and puppets of industry like Tim Grosser and overrun with desperate panicking representatives of enormous green NGOs ready to compromise for just about any political policy no matter how out of step with the reality of the situation, any suggestions of tackling the root causes of Climate Chaos are squeezed out of the conversation by calls to commodify every last function of nature in sight. Sustainable growth, green growth, as long as the word growth is in there its seen as a reasonable solution no matter how dodgy details are. Things are not looking good in there at all, and why should anyone be surprised when the big greens have been so clearly absent from the streets of Aotearoa and the broader struggle towards radical and desperately needed change. It seems they’ve been at the negotiation table for so long now that they can’t seem to remember what happened exactly ten years before COP15 is set to kick off, namely ‘the Battle of Seattle’.

But there is another side to the story. Outside COP15 as its called there will be a gigantic mobilisation of people from the global north and south demanding solutions that will actually work, solutions that won’t continue to prop up the same forces that caused the problem in the first place or replace it with even worse ones, solutions that make the rich nations who have grown fat off their feast of fossil fuels to pay for the climate crisis they’ve created, solutions that are in front of everyones noses except for Tim Grosser and the rest of the free market missionaries hoping to make a buck out of the carving up and abuse of the earth’s atmosphere and remaining rainforests as dumping grounds for greenhouse gases. Meetings of grassroots climate activists are underway in Copenhagen and all over the world calling for the biggest global mobilisation on Climate Change to date. Trade unions are getting on board and teaming up with environmental justice activists and will be standing side by side with organisations and individuals from threatened Pacific islands and the global South, the front lines of Climate catastrophe. Heres to global Direct Action for Copenhagen 2009!

Organise locally, Mobilise Globally. Sign on to the email list and keep an eye on the organising forum for updates – get something happening wherever you are!!

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Heres a message from the climate-action’09 website explaining how you can get involved

This website [click the banner on top] and the international climate activist community is dedicated to making a powerfull activist pressence at and under the COP15 climate Summit in Copenhagen 2009. We want as many people as possible arround the world to take action against the root causes of climate change at the meeting. Therefore we need you to get involved.

Main forum: Get involved here!
Forum topic: Website help needed with

The international Network
We consider ourselves as a network of groups and individuals rather than a single group. Everyone who agrees to our call and is involved arround the process of an international climateaction in Copenhagen and beyond is a part of of the network if they want to be.
Here is an incomplete list of groups and organisations part of this network as of feburary 09:


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