Take Note New Zealand

The Meltdown is coming your way

G20 London

“On April 1st, we’ll show the G20 what meltdown means”

Lost your home? Lost your job? Lost your savings or your pension? This party is for you!

Capitalism has been heating up our world for years, melting the icecaps, burning up the rainforests, pushing the planet to tipping point. Now we’re going to put the heat on them. At the London Summit , the G20 ministers are trying to get away with the biggest April Fools trick of all time. Their tax-dodging, bonus-guzzling, pension-pinching, unregulated free market world’s in meltdown, and those fools think we’re going to bail them out. They’ve gotta be joking!

We can’t pay, we won’t pay and we are taking to the streets

Many, many imaginative actions will be taking place across London on April 1st. One major focus will be four separate carnival parades culminating in direct action against the financial follies in the City of London among them carbon trading.

Full circle back to 1649? ‘A very English revolution!’

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will lead themed processions starting at 11 a.m. from the following rail stations:

  • MoorgateRed horse against War;
  • Liverpool St Green horse against Climate chaos
  • London Bridge Silver horse against Financial crimes
  • Cannon StreetBlack horse against land enclosures and borders in honour of the 360th full circle anniversary of the Diggers

At 12 noon, April 1st, we’re going to reclaim the City, thrusting into the very belly of the beast: the Bank of England.

Early a.m. April 2nd, we’re going to bang on their hotel doors, @ the Excel Centre, Canning town to deliver our message of a world beyond capitalism.


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