Amazonia: Two thousand indigenous peoples take direct action to stop fossil fuel extraction

Indigenous Peoples block the transit in the Napo and Curacay rivers in Loreto, Peru.

Today the Amazonian ‘paro’ started. Even though it was announced for
today, two thousand indigenous peoples form the kichua and arabela ethnics
blocked the pass yesterday in the Napo and Curacay rivers and more are
expected today. This measure was agreed in order to protest against the
pollution caused in their territories due to oil activities and to keep
the demand for the annulment of the legislative decrees 1020, 1064, 1080,
1081, 1089 y 1090, which -they consider- go against their rights.

– They also denounced the current government to have an ‘extractive politic’.
– The area that is being block is an important pass for the company
– The ‘paro’ was organized beacuse the Executive is ignoring the
Indeigenous Peoples’ demands. The Executive have proposed them a dialogue
agenda, which they consider does not meet their requirements.
– They also state that the ‘paro’ is a political action since they have
abandoned the table that the government created for native issues (they
dont consider is leading to anything concrete)

The president of AIDESEP (Indigenous from the Amazon organization) asked
the government to keep aside violence, since in the areas of Bagua Chica
(Amazonas), Quillabamba (Cusco), Corrientes y Napo (Iquitos), Atalaya
(Ucayali), Puerto Maldonado (Madre de Dios) and Satipo (Junín) the police
is mobilizing to stop the Amazonian protests

“However, what they don’t understand (the government) is that the
Amazonian Peoples will defend their territories which are being destroyed,
polluted and cleared the forests in the name of the ‘development’ that the
government is proclaiming”, he said.

UPDATE: 19 April 2009

Iquitos: Kishuas Indigenous Peoples were suppressed by bullets by the Perenco oil company

A group of Kishuas Indigenous Peoples, which have been blocking the river
transportation of the Napo river at Maynas Province, were attacked with
fire arms by workers of the Perenco Peru Limited oil company, which is
carrying out operations in that area.

The Ideeleradio corresponsal informed that after the shooting the
Indigenous Peoples, which have placed a fence in the river, answered the
attack with arches and arrows, chasing the Perenco workers for several

The leader from the Native Communities Federation of the Corrientes River,
base of the Interethnic Association of Development in the Peruvian
Rainforest (AIDESEP), Petronila Chumpi Hualinga said that they have been
constantly provoked by Perenco Peru Limited, whom she affirmed dont
respect them and pollute their territotries.

"Anything that happen in the field we consider them responsible, because
we are pacific; the strike has to be general, that is why we are
mobilizing in the Iquitos city. We have met with representants of the
Public Ministry to guarantee that our measure will not create problems,
but they are provoking us", she said.

The struggled of the Amazon Indigenous Peoples is increasing. They have
captured an airport in Ucayali, which is not very big but crucial for
several companies operating at the rainforest, and several more rivers.
This was a reaction since the 'table for dialog' that the Government
established for yesterday was suspended.


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  1. there will be a workshop held at 128 Able smith st, Wellington, on the evening of may 22nd. Discussing the impact of petroleum mining on the ecology and communities in the amazon, and the indigenous resistance to it. including 2 short films and music

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