Climate Camp Aotearoa – Last Chance to Register


Please register now so that we know your dietary requirements and have a better idea of how many people will attend – simply fill in the registration form and send it to

If you have access to internet banking, please send $40 for adult – $20 for children

This covers all of your meals and accommodation for the weekend. Please do this as soon as possible so we have money to buy food for everyone before-hand ;0)

Account Name: climate camp

Bank: kiwi bank

Number: 38 9009 0054970 00

[when making deposit – make sure to enter your name as a reference so we know who paid]

If for any reason you can’t transfer before-hand, bring cash with you so that you can pay on arrival at the registration table which will be set up at the venue.

Koha As is customary on Marae, we will be collecting a Koha which will be given to our hosts so please remember to take some cash

Everything you need to Know



What to take with you



Getting there


– Registration Form

– Descriptions of workshops and discussions

– Climate Camp Gathering Reader

Additional Directions for those coming from the North through New Plymouth

– Powhiri [welcome on to marae] Protocol and words of two songs

dont worry, we’ll practice together before hand 🙂

Arrival at Parihaka

Please arrive before 12.00 mid-day Friday the 24th

Of course, we do realise that not everybody who is coming to the gathering will arrive at Parihaka in time for Friday’s Powhiri, but we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to do so if at all possible. You cannot come on to the Marae without first being welcomed on by our hosts. Anyone arriving after Friday’s Powhiri will be welcomed on in a separate ceremony. So, again please do your best to come on Friday before 12.00 mid-day and join us for Pohwiri practice if this is at all possible for you.

Cellphone Coverage

There is no cellphone coverage at Parihaka – so if you arrive after Friday’s Powhiri you won’t be able to phone anyone on the Marae so please be patient, we will be watching out for arrivals throughout the weekend.

What to take with you

Heaps of energy and initiative

In the spirit of building a Peoples movement, we’re expecting this to be a fully participatory, highly interactive gathering where everyone helps out with the smooth running of everything. Theres no experts, no leaders – just us and everyones collective energy and initiative to make this gathering a truely inspirational and empowering start of a peoples movement for Climate Justice in Aotearoa.

The Basics

– duvet or sleeping bag, pillows

– mattresses provided in the marae and tent spaces available outside for those bringing their tents)

– torch, pen, notebook, snacks, towel for showering, toiletries [especially the torch]

– warm clothing

– cash for Koha


On Saturday evening we will be having a relaxed open-mike session so take your Guitar, your poetry book, your sword swallowing equipment, poi, hula-hoops or whatever other entertainmenty paraphernalia you’ve got to entertain everyone else


We have received lots of generous donations of food for the gathering helping us to keep costs as low as possible for everyone. Any more donations would be greatly appreciated. If you know that you can bring some extra kai to share, please let us know what you’re taking so we can inform the kitchen working group in advance, if not – just take it along. Email:


Apart from those who will take tents and those who live at Parihaka, most of us will be sleeping communally. The marae which sleeps 80 on matresses in four long rows plus there is a small room that sleeps six which will be reserved that for parents with young children. The matresses have a sheet on top and pillows with pillow cases so people need to bring their own blankets. You’ll need your own towels for showering too. There is space for tents if people want.

What not to bring

Lots of alcohol ;0) – a drink or two in the evening is fine of course, but we do have a lot of hard work to get through and in keeping with the peaceful atmosphere of Parihaka and respect for our hosts, we will keep things relatively quiet before late each night.


We have all been invited to join the otaraua occupation. If you are interested in participating please come self-sufficient for 24 hours in camping conditions from Sunday night.


Those taking children to the gathering may already be aware that child minding will be arranged. This is something to mention at the registration table on your arrival.

Getting there

Parihaka is approximately 50km southwest of New Plymouth

Address: Parihaka Pa Marae

288 Parihaka Road, Pungarehu, Taranaki


From Auckland

From Wellington

From Gisborne

[go up mid-parihaka road towards the mountain until you see the signs for the pa]

[if your coming from the North via New Plymouth, there are additional directions available from downloads above]

Transport Costs

If you’re feeling your transport costs are high and/or you are struggling to finance your travel costs [especially people coming from the South Island]. Please let us know on arrival or prior so we can try to arrange financial assistance for you at the gathering.

See you there!


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