Call to Action

Our future is at stake. Climate change is happening, and NOW is the time to take action against the forces driving it!

While the preparations and mobilisations for the COP15 are underway all over the world, a sinister meeting is under way. On May 24th – 26th 2009, again in Copenhagen, corporations, climate criminals, capitalists and their allies, will meet for the World Business Summit on Climate Change (WBSCC).

The very people representing the business elites and multinationals who played the majority part in creating the mess of crises we’re in will now be converging under the guise of a green social conscience to champion business-friendly and marked-based mechanisms.

The Danish Government has already stated that the WBSCC will have a special place in the COP15 negotiations, so the scenario is the same people who’re the cause of the crisis will be asked to solve it – through the same false market mechanisms as we saw with the failed Kyoto Protocol and other greenwash deals, commodifying more of our commons for the sake of profits!

With some of the biggest emitters (DONG, SAS etc.) as a parts and sponsors of the WBSCC, it is hard to imagine that they would have the future of the planet and of its peoples in mind..

But we will not stand idle by as their show goes on!

So for three days, while business elites will discuss how to spin more profits of the COP15 and put pressure on governments, how to develop and implement false and market based solutions, we’ll be in Copenhagen: Starting off on the 24th with a massive demo that will aim directly at the summit, displaying our dissent to their world order while trying to shut down their party!

We invite you to come to Copenhagen, to join the May 24th demo and to take autonomous action on Sunday and on the days that follow, targeting the summit or the corporate crooks involved therein whereever they might be found!

We will surround them and disturb them as much as possible, letting them know once and for all, that OUR CLIMATE IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS!

Demo + Action, May 24th h.14.00

@ Christianshavn Torv

Copenhagen, Denmark

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