Flat Earth Society Reaches out to Climate Sceptics

Flat Earth Society Reaches out to Climate Sceptics

Once again, our hero Bob Carter graced us with his presence giving a free lecture at Waikato University and of course we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to get out there to spread the word and recruit as many new Flat Earthers as possible. Where would we be without Bob’s army of tireless fighters for truth in a world gone mad with climate change loonies and round earth nutters!? These people truly are a beacon of truth while collapsing ice shelfs, Australian bush fires, vanishing summer sea ice cover over the Arctic are driving everyone away from us! These are the hard-core, our target audience who will stay strong and fight til the end against the dual conspiracies of anthropogenic climate change and round earthery.

Despite the continual decline of believers, we at the F.E.S. firmly believe that the day will come when our centuries of conspiracy battling experience will combine with your dwindling network of Climate denialists and all the funding they get from the petroleum industry uniting us in our combined struggle against the evil forces of the IPCC, NASA, Google Earth and The News.

Stay strong – its not over yet Bob! We’ve been through all this before and have persevered throughout thick and thin, keeping the truth alive, still getting out there and fighting the good fight so that everyone may once again know of the true shape of our planet. Yes, its depressing when nobody believes you, but we know better don’t we Bob?

Bob, on behalf of all remaining Flat Earth believers we salute you and once again reach out a hand in solidarity in this time of great difficulty for us all. Please get in touch so we can prepare for your initiation ceremony when you will be presented with your very own Flat Earth Society robe and matching staff – oh what a momentous occasion it will be for us!

Stay strong Bob!!!

We’re with you all the way!

About Bob Carter
Bob Carter is an eminent professor – in stratigraphy. The Flat Earth Society values him so highly as a potential ally because he also has a consistent record in ignoring peer reviewed literature on climate change. Which is just as well, as he has never actually published any peer reviewed research on climate change either.

We also appreciate this quote of his:
I don’t think it is the point whether you are paid by the coal or petroleum industry.”


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  1. unbelievable to hear that fossil fuel sponsored statigraphist with no peer reviewed climate change studies is welcomed at waikato university

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