Shell Out Manoeuvred Again

We are the Shell to Sea network: concerned citizens from all walks of life who seek to draw attention to the planned corrib gas project.

Shell to Sea is an international non violent campaign, rooted in the Erris community. We seek to ensure the proposed Corrib gas terminal and pipeline are constructed offshore, as is best practice. In doing so we seek to highlight the negligent environmental, health, safety, planning and economic consequences of this government backed plan. We are not the property of any party or movement and we disassociate ourselves from negative campaigning and tactics that many media outlets have attempted to associate us with. We have been campaigning for several years and continue to face intimidation, slander and significant hardship as a result.

However, we are growing in strength, numbers and confidence. We will remain peaceful, committed and determined in the coming days, weeks months – and years if necessary!

Work halted at Shell’s illegal compound in Rossport – Ireland

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Shell Out Manoeuvred Again

Tripod action at Glengad

Shell contractors were due this morning to extend the construction compound down onto the public beach at Glengad. However, early bird Shell to Sea campaigners blocked access to the beach at 5 am by erecting two specially-designed tripods, each 20 feet in height. Two men attached themselves to the top of the tripods using climbing equipment and as of lunchtime are still suspended from the tripods.

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The men, who live locally, are both in good form and a party atmosphere is evident on the shoreline below them. Gardaí and Shell security have not attempted to remove them so far, as to do so would put the two men’s safety at risk.

Giant tripods of this nature have been deployed by campaigners around the world as a form of direct action. This is the first time tripods have been used in Ireland for this purpose.

The compound has been erected illegally without planning permission to facilitate works along the shoreline, which themselves have yet to receive full legal consent. It is presently the subject of legal proceedings taken by An Taisce against Mayo County Council, which has facilitated Shell’s illegality at every point along the way.

Shell to Sea spokesperson Maura Harrington said: “Yet again, Shell is disregarding both the law and the will of the local community by trying to extend their illegal compound onto the public beach. Today’s action shows that we are as determined as ever to obstruct this obscene project, and the giveaway of Irish natural resources.”

As of 13.30, the new Garda Inspector in Belmullet, Joe Doherty, has directed the two activists to come down for their own safety under Section 8.1 of the Public Order Act. One of those suspended has asked Doherty to apologise for punching him in the stomach during the action last Saturday evening at the compound. For the time being at any rate, the Gardaí and Shell security have been out-manoeuvred.

Tripods on the shoreline
Tripods on the shoreline

Activists still hanging around
Activists still hanging around


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