Climate Justice – UK Wind turbine factory occupied by threatened workers

Vestas Blades UK on the Isle of Wight is due to close on 31st July. 600 jobs will be lost immediately, many more jobs that depend on Vestas will follow. This makes no sense from a green or a labour perspective!

The government has just announced a major expansion of renewable energy including wind power. We are calling on Vestas to keep the factories open, saving jobs and offering those who want to leave a better redundancy deal. We are calling on the government to intervene to save jobs at Vestas – through nationalisation if that is what it takes – to show that it is serious about saving the planet.

The other side of the struggle is making sure we erect a lot of wind farms. This post aims to acknowledge very briefly the sheer volume of pro-wind power thought and sentiment pouring in. A number of supporters nationwide are writing in actually ordering blades! And cooperatives for taking energy production into communities’ own hands are being trumpeted by New Zealanders, societies for the indigenous peoples of Latin America, UNISON reps and singles in Somerset. The people at Age of Stupid got in touch about a positive initiative happening in Italy whereby a group of associates putting money together build their own solar, wind, or hydroelectric power plant.

“The answer is blowing in the wind” and all that. More wind to our sails. We’ll blow them off their feet.”

Global Trend for Sit-Ins and Occupations as Mass Redundancies Continue


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