Climate Camp Scotland puts coal conveyor belt our of action!

Activists at Scotland’s first climate-change camp have begun what they threaten will be a series of acts of industrial sabotage by slashing through a conveyor belt at an open-cast mine, bringing coal grinding to a halt.

In what is believed to have been a raid yesterday afternoon, protesters gained access to the conveyor belt that runs for 6.5km from the Glentaggart open-cast coal mine in South Lanarkshire to the Ravenstruther rail terminal. The coal is then transported to the Drax power station in Yorkshire.

The saboteurs hiked across open countryside to access the heavy rubber belt – which is roughly 5ft in diameter and can carry hundreds of tonnes of coal per day – about two miles from the open-cast mine, and cut through it.

Diarmaid Lynch, a spokesman from the camp, described the act of vandalism as “fantastic news”.

He said: “Congratulations to those who did this. Open-cast mining is responsible for a spike in the number of lung-related deaths in this small area.

“It is time that the likes of Scottish Coal and the planning authorities are held directly responsible for their role in these deaths.

“Climate change is a killer, both at home and in the ‘Global South’, where those who have benefited the least from industrialisation are the first to pay the price.”

This week, the protesters, who have gathered at Mainshill Wood, under the eco banner of Climate Camp Scotland, announced a week-long protest.

The site, near Douglas, Lanarkshire, is earmarked for an open-cast mine.


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  1. Craig Louis Stehr

    Please know that since publishing “Dancing with Kali” on the Climate IMC, I’ve been fundraising to co-create a film documentary about the emerging climate justice movement. Frankly, my filmmaker pals in San Francisco need me to give them ten thousand dollars before they will commit. I’m way short of that amount! I have invites in New Orleans, Appalachia (U.S. coal country), Washington D.C., and I plan to be in Copenhagen in December for the mother-of-all-climate-showdowns. Feel free to contact me. I’m itchin’ to get out of Berkeley, CA…I feel like I am waiting in vain, Craig Stehr(

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