Movement Analysis: Climate Anarchists vs Green Capitalists

Climate Anarchists vs Green Capitalists

August 20, 2009

By Alex Foti

This paper wants to look at scenarios emerging out of the present economic and ecological crisis for capitalist and anticapitalist forces alike. The first premise is that the 21st century’s ecological question is trumping the 20th century’s social question as major source of conflict. Green is the new red, and class struggle realigns accordingly. The second premise is that Obama’s ecokeynesianism is to be taken seriously as the new template for liberal capitalism after the failure of neoliberal deregulation.

Excerpt: “The core struggle between climate anarchists and green capitalists will determine whether and how drastic reductions in carbon emissions are achieved, and how the ecological redesign of cities and their logistics, of energy and food production systems and the like, is implemented, if at all. There is no other social conflict more important for the future of the world today. While opposition to bushist militarism had to be frontal (it was either us or him, war or peace) the conflict with green capitalism requires a more clever strategy, since both green capitalists and climate anarchists arguably both vie for the empathy and support of public opinion on a climate crisis whose existence both fronts acknowledge. The opposition to Obama- and Barroso-style green capitalism constituted by the climate camp movement, and the other forms of environmental direct action currently federated around the Climate Justice Action network ahead of the COP15 climate summit in Copenhagen, can make the rest of society advance toward a world where global heating is the top political priority, a world where “less climate change, more social change”, to quote a climate camp slogan, is what drives radical and reformist politics alike.

Read the full paper here…


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