AAArrrr!!!! Climate Justice Pirate Cap’n Trade Disrupts Danish Minister of Climate in NYC ahead of COP15

green is the new green

Environmental activists, some dressed as “Trillionaires for Bad Math” today delivered a “climate bill” to Copenhagen, ahead of schedule. The mock “bill” was delivered at a 3 pm lecture at Columbia University’s School of International Public Affairs hosted by Danish Climate and Energy minister Connie Hedegaard. Hedegaard is the chairperson of the UN climate summit to be held in Copenhagen this December, where many hope that a strong global climate agreement will be signed.

Representatives of groups including Climate SOS and Rising Tide North America presented a 14-foot banner representing the climate bill currently being debated in the US Congress, which many consider essential for strong US participation in Copenhagen. The banner depicts a two trillion dollar note, representing the size of the new market in carbon dioxide emissions allowances that would be established by the Waxman-Markey climate bill that passed the House of Representatives in late June.Climate BillCLICK HERE FOR FULL REPORT AND VIDEO


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  1. Cap and trade is far too costly for America. Further, it seems that both sides agree it will not affect positive change on the environment. Write to Congress to voice your opposition at

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