Precarious United for Climate Action in Cph

Fighting for Social and Climate Justice. Because Climate Change Makes All Precarious.

The economic crisis has heavily hit the precariat — the sum of those working non-standard, temporary, part-time contracts in services and industry — worse than any other social class. Millions of precarious youth, women, immigrants are being made redundant by the Great Recession. Unemployment has skyrocketed from the US to the EU, from Iceland to Japan. Those responsible for the crisis — big banks, investment funds, free-market economists and policy-makers — whitewash and greenwash without shame as if nothing happened and go on with business as usual. Governments are giving trillions to the bankers and peanuts to the permatemps. Riots and protests are spreading as a result, also targeting a new wave of racism and xenophobia, but the pressure against political and economic power hasn’t yet been enough, although an Autumn of Rage lies in store and this could change the equation.

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