BUKO position prevailing climate politics: “Forget about Copenhagen! The catastrophe is occurring already.”


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BUKO position prevailing climate politics:

“Forget about Copenhagen! The catastrophe is occurring already.”

This position paper, written by the BUKO(1) Working Group on Social Ecology, is a contribution to the debates on climate change, with a view, in particular, to the UN climate summit in Copenhagen in December 2009. It also seeks to contribute to a critical analysis of the hegemonic climate discourse and to the discussions about what positions an emancipatory, antihegemonic movement should adopt. In the following text, we make the point that nothing is to be expected from the climate negotiations in Copenhagen. They are part of official approaches to climate politics according to which those market forces that have caused the socio-ecological crisis in the first place are to lead us out of that crisis again.

We maintain in contrast, that what matters is not the outcome of Copenhagen, but linking the debates on “environmental” problems to approaches that are critical of capitalism and different forms of dominance and authority. Moreover, it is essential, in our eyes, to develop approaches alternative to hegemonic climate politics. We seek, in other words, to take the ecological crisis, which is becoming worse and worse, seriously while not losing our heads – and we will continue to be critical of the system.


BUKO is an independent umbrella organization of about 120 grass-roots third-world groups, development organizations, internationalist initiatives, solidarity groups, fair trade shops, campaigns and alternative media projects in Germany. BUKO has its roots in the solidarity movements with struggles for liberation which were and are taking place in the Global South. BUKO is a forum for leftist debates and, as an organization, takes a critical position towards all forms of domination

The authors of this paper may be contacted at mail@buko.info


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