Barcelona: Ecoactivists Block Access to Climate Conference


Wednesday morning- Eco Activists block main entrance to the climate change conference for one hour

This morning more than forty activists blocked the entrances to the main halls of the conference centre where the BARCELONA CLIMATE TALKS are taking place. Their action involved shutting and locking many of the main entrances, taping building with X’s across shut doors, placing stickers on doors saying entrances closed. Their action had a banner that read that “Without a drastic reduction, there is no solution.”

There was quite a lot of press coverage, including Catalan TV3 and Japanese national TV. They chanted songs about climate change, read out statements and spoke from the heart as to the reasons for their actions in Catalan, Spanish and English. At one point an excellent eco rap tune was sung.

Amongst other things mentioned was the following; the fact that Africa feel they have to boycott the talks due to lack of seriousness from the rich countries, the fact that people were there to speak on behalf of indigenous in Bagua, Peru who are defending their land, which has been sold off by Peruvian state along with 70 of the countries Amazonian rainforest area, all communities in struggle around the planet, trying to defend their resourses and communities against multinational climate injustice, including the Rossport community in North Western part of Ireland.

There was no police or security attempts to remove the activists. After an hour they stood up and left. They had much support and were applauded from people outside.



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