Heres the Klimaforum Declaration – from COP15 counter summit

One of the central outcomes of Klimaforum09 was a global climate declaration expressing the hopes, ideas, and visions of citizens groups and social movements from all corners of the planet.

The Declaration has now been printed, but the sign-on process will continue until March 2010.

So far the Declaration has been signed by almost 500 organisations and numerous individuals (updated 03.01.2010). Sign the declaration

List of organisations that have signed the declaration

Download the Klimaforum Declaration

Background information

The fear is that the official climate deal likely to come out the UN conference in Copenhagen will be focused on »technological fixes« and biased towards the interests of the corporate lobby and the rich and powerful nations.

The declaration process has taken place via internet based discussions during the last half a year with 70 organisations committed to this preparatory process. The final negotiations will take place at Klimaforum09 on the 8th, 9th and 10th of December to give it the final touch with people from all over the world.

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In contrast, the declaration to be finalized at Klimaforum09 will put forth a vision of a more socially just world society. In addition it will emphasize the need to create substantial changes in the social and economic structures of society in order to meet the challenges of global warming and food sovereignty.

During the fall of 2009 the Klimaforum09-declaration group has been inviting civil society groups, grassroots, indigenous people, and local communities from all over the world to come forth with ideas and solutions rooted in their local experience with climate change.

The actual declaration will be finalized during the first four days of Klimaforum09 thus giving the participants a possibility to influence the process.

When finished, the declaration will be handed over to the political leaders at the COP15 supplying them with inspiration as to how a fair and just climate deal can be put together. Above all the declaration will be another stepping stone in building of a planetary movement for climate justice.

Contact the declaration group of Klimaforum09:


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