INTERVIEW WITH Tadzio Müller – ‘Climate Justice Action’ Spokesperson

Tadzio Müller is a political scientist, an editor of Turbulence and a spokeperson for the ‘Climate Justice Action’ network.

During the build up to Cop 15 Tadzio played an important role for the CJA network, fielding questions from curious journalists, debating solutions to climate change and mobilizing for the ‘peoples assembly’- a focal point for the day of action called as ‘Reclaim Power!’ (an action that sought to radically transform the dialouge of the Copenhagen summit). On the 15th of December he was pre-emptively  arrested by the Danish Police as he left the Bella centre after a joint press conference between Climate Justice Action and Climate Justice Now. He was released on the 19th. Below is an interview conducted by Notes from Below after his release.

Read the interview here…


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  1. The link to the interview didn’t work for me. I’m interested, but frustrated. Can you fix it please?

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