A history lesson for the Climate skeptics

Rather than hammering back post-after-post-rebuttels against the flurry of post-Copenhagen Climate sKeptics, I thought that the best response would be to provide withoutyourwalls readers with a good overview of the anthropogenic global warming skeptic propaganda machine – so you can share it with others. So here it is – a concise history of the anti-anthropogenic global warming debate 101 – with Naomi Oreskes.



Science historian Naomi Oreskes, well known for her work on consensus in science (and climate science in particular) has a new book, Merchants of Doubt, due out in a couple of months. Helpfully sub-titled How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming, it digs deep into the historical roots of the campaign to create doubt abut the need for action on a host of environmental issues. The video above is of a talk she gave at Brown University recently, outlining the material in the book. If you’re interested in the roots of the campaign against action on climate, this is an excellent overview.


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