It’s not easy seeming green

Putting the best face forward

A backlash to New Zealand’s vow of purity
Mar 23rd 2010

FANS combing internet sites are not the only people eagerly anticipating a pair of epic fantasy movies based on “The Hobbit”, by J.R.R. Tolkien, that it is planned will start filming this year. New Zealand’s tourist industry, too, is eager to see the islands’ sweeping and unsullied vistas revealed once more to millions of cinemagoers, as they were almost a decade ago when the first of the three films based on Tolkien’s “The Lord of The Rings” was released. Those films did a great deal to boost the country’s tourism trade (Air New Zealand promoted itself as the “airline to Middle Earth”), fitting nicely with the country ’s “100% Pure New Zealand” marketing slogan, first used a couple of years earlier.

But how much of this is, indeed, a fantasy?

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Take Action…

This piece on NZ’s emmissions, which have risen 22% since 1990. Please send emails to all of the relevant Ministers whose names and email contacts can be located at You can also email the political parties (I would not bother about Act, they are absolute climate deniers. Here are the party websites, In New Zealand even the Greens support carbon trading in policy. National is the major party in Govt, supported by Act and the Maori Party. Labour and the Greens are definitely on the opposition benches. The Maori Party is along with the Greens the only parties who seem to be attempting to address climate change emmissions althugh all parties in Parliament support carbon trading.


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