Support climate demonstrator’s claims against the police

16th December 2009: police beat and arrest protestors, government and NGO delegates at COP15

Police mass arrest of 918 innocent people during the climate summit in Copenhagen at the large demonstration 12th December 2009 is unacceptable. The right to demonstrate is made uncertain through this arbitrary exercise of power. It implies that Denmark becomes a leader internationally in police repression of demonstrations.

250 of the arrested have now made claims against the police. The ongoing trial has shown that the arrested were all innocent. It has also been made clear that the police, even now, five months after the event, keep their plans secret for how it planned to act towards the demonstration. This makes the trial a democratic scandal of international importance. When the right to demonstrate is tried in court, it is clear that the police should explain their handling of the matter, and thus include the planning which led to the arrest of innocent protesters, so justice may be done.

We call for international protest in support of the innocent demonstrators’ demands for damages.

Sign on to the statement of support HERE


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  1. What is going on with this world? Do Police Officers have free rain to do whatever they want? We need to hold them accountable for their actions otherwise they will feel justified and empowered to continue.

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