Biodiversity offsetting anyone?

The Promotion of REDD: The Tentacles Spread

UN Climate Convention to Combine Forces with Biodiversity Convention on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation (REDD) Schemes.

So the UN Convention on Biological Diversity has looked at UN framework Convention on Climate Change’s awful Carbon Trading mechanisms and said, “yeah baby! Gimme some of that!”

And thus was born the “Green Development Mechanism” or GDM—the UN CBD equivalent of the CDM (yes, I’m afraid its true).  But that’s only the beginning of their complete loss of sanity.

The CBD has also come up with something they like to call (I’m totally serious) BBOP.  Yes, BBOP—as in Elvis Presley.  As in BBOP a-loo-bop.  But what makes this one such a delight is what it stands for—the Business and Biodiversity Offset Program.

‘Wait,’ you’re thinking.  ‘Biodiversity offsets?  This can’t possibly be for real!’… oh yes it is.

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