GE clover like pulling a Cat out of a Hat

NZ is home to Fonterra, the biggest Dairy products exporter in the world with operations in most continents. Half of New Zealand’s greenhouse gases come from industrial agriculture. The World Dairy summit is scheduled for Auckland NZ in November and meetings are already underway in Auckland with a coalition of groups forming to protest and disrupt the summit.

Here in New Zealand, Genetically modified plants and animals are examples of the sort of false money making non-solutions to climate change we’re expecting to see come out of New Zealand’s ‘Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases‘ along with Soil Carbon Trading and the promotion of the REDD mechanism.


Nandor Tanzcos – ‘Dread Times’ blog

Tuesday 14th June 2010

“When I heard AgResearch today announcing a breakthrough in the genetic engineering of white clover I was reminded of Dr Seuss. Not his explicitly environmental classic ‘The Lorax’ so much as ‘The Cat in the Hat Comes Back’.

I still remember the sense of panic in the book as a pink stain in the bathtub grows bigger and badder from the grotesque attempts by various cats to clean it up, until it has turned into a major disaster.

The attempt to fix greenhouse gas emissions by genetically engineering clover for pasture fills me with a similar sense of alarm.” –

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