The Rising Tide of Climate Activism

Rising Tide and Earth First! Blockade Coal Plant, Preventing Coal Truck Deliveries

As the earth warms and politicians remain complacent, an international group gaining traction in the U.S., is fighting back.

June 18, 2007 |

Near the town of Carbo in western Virginia on July 10, 2006, 75 people stood on a bridge between massive coal trucks and the Clinch River power plant. Owned by American Electric Power, the plant is responsible for emitting 4.25 million pounds of carbon dioxide into the air annually. As the coal trucks stopped, two people locked themselves to the trucks’ frame. They flattened the tires of the coal trucks and prevented them from moving forward. The demonstration resulted in closing the only access to the power plant for most of the day.

Meet the group Rising Tide.


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  1. withoutyourwalls


  2. Solidarity with these peeps!
    Reminds me of climate camp UK in 08- good times. Liz, good idea.

  3. Rising Tide are awesome. Huntley, anyone?

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