RELEASE/VICTORY: Ecuador Sets Major Rainforest and Climate Protection Precedent

July 31, 2010

By Earth’s Newsdesk and the Rainforest Portal, projects of Ecological Internet

CONTACT: Dr. Glen Barry,

It is reported Ecuador will be compensated for leaving oil reserves in Yasuni National Park untouched. This is a major victory for Ecuador, the rainforest movement, and Ecological Internet – who was the first to campaign internationally on the issue.

Ecuador’s government announced today it has reached a deal with the United Nations Development Program under which donor countries will compensate Quito for leaving oil reserves untouched in a large primary rainforest filled national park. Yasuni National Park [search] – covering some 9,820 km2, or about the size of Massachusetts – is thought to be one of Earth’s most biodiversity rich sites and is also home to several nomadic Indian tribes. Yasuni’s preservation (total protection, not “sustainable management” or “conservation”) would spare Earth some 410 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that contribute to global warming; while keeping biodiversity, ecosystems and cultures fully intact. The official signing is reported to be held on Tuesday.

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  1. In many ways this is a surprising and startling victory.
    While lobbying has been a factor, it is also important to give recognition to the social movements of Ecuador perhaps. The president has recently branded many as terrorists and perhaps the restistance from below is a big factor. …

    Also if we get stuck on carbon fetishism then we can easily let the bigger game slide. Capitalist is amongst others bio-crisis. Is the yasuni initiative really just a ‘green capitalist’ stopgap in the bigger picture. Lets follow the money. I’ll be interested to see where the pink tide takes it, and what uses it is put. More capitalism ? 1st world development model under the veneer of 21st century (non) socialism…

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