Farmers and conservationists protest coal and gas expansion

Farmers and conservations took to the streets of Brisbane protesting the increasing encroachment and damage to prime agricultural farm land and the environment by the rapacious coal mining industry. While the rally proceeded outside Parliament House, two activists managed to evade security and to unfurl a banner from high up on the Parliament House facade that said “Don’t undermine our farms”

Youtube Video: Our Land, Our Water, Our Future

Hannh Elvery from Six Degrees told the rally “We want to hand our environment, our farmland intact to future generations.”

“As the Queensland Government invests bilions of dollars in the doubling of our coal export industry, in the expansion of coal mining all across this state. As they allow, approve, encourage the digging of 40,000 coal mines and gas wells in the Darling Downs alone, what is the real price for our children, what is the real price for our communities, for our water resources.”

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