New campaign and interactive website sets out to ‘democratise Greenpeace’

Why “Save Greenpeace”?

Because of its potential for independent action, Greenpeace is the canary in the coal mine of corporate environmentalism. If we can democratize Greenpeace and get it back on track, that will show the way for other ENGOs. The converse is also true: if we cannot democratize Greenpeace, then there is little hope for the other ENGOs.

This web site began as an emergency response to Greenpeace International’s hiring of Tzeporah Berman, a pioneer in unaccountable, undemocratic back room sell-out deals like the Canadian Great Bear Rainforest agreement. Because it does not rely on foundations for core funding, Greenpeace has the capability to be an extremely effective ally in a fight against environmental destruction. Unfortunately, it is heading in the opposite direction with secret deals like the Great Bear Rainforest agreement and fluffy pro-greenwash campaigning in national and regional offices that aims to get big business and the more politically powerful [rich] public on-side, rather than challenging the root causes of environmental and social destruction.


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