China’s great green wall grows in climate fight

“Reforestation” in China?: Loggers at work in the Yinchun forest – China hopes to offset unsustainable logging with the planting of its ‘great green wall’. Photograph: Guardian
Regarding the Guardian article below, this “reforestation” in China is largely being done with massive-scale industrial tree plantations.  In some regions, these include poplars genetically engineered for Bt insect resistance–which was started in 2001 with help from the UN.  In 2004 the Nanjing Institute for Environmental Science reported that these poplars were already contaminating native poplars.
This is a grand experiment in forestry-gone-amok.  Restoring native forests is what is needed, not massive water-intensive, soil depleting, biodiversity-less monoculture tree plantations.  Ironically, the reason the Bt trees were developed was because the huge monoculture poplar plantations were being heavily damaged by insects.  So instead of moving back toward diverse native forest restoration, they went further industrial, with GE trees.  This needs to be a lesson to the world in why NOT to use GE trees.
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