10:10:10 – Marketing, Manipulation, and the Status Quo

October 8th, 2010 – Cory Morningstar and Gregory Vickrey

As we stand on the edge of apocalypse, we must wake up and acknowledge that what the big greens are not saying is far more important than what they are saying. Excerpts from a controversial new book to be released 2010-2011. Article one in a series, we discuss the connection between environmental campaigns and their corporate sponsors.

CODE GREEN: “The good intentions of participants of 350 aside, requesting world leaders to reduce carbon emissions is unfortunately not going to work. Bill McKibben asserts that world leaders will listen “if we’re loud enough,” but that’s simply untrue. If we stick with symbolic action, the destruction will become progressively worse, and we will continuously lose ground and be reduced to begging for mercy that will never be granted. Those in power (and their political representatives) will only stop destroying the planet if they are forced to do so. The immediate threat of social disorder and economic disruption will make them listen. An immediate and serious threat to their wealth and well-being will make them listen.”

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  1. I couldn’t agree more: like all too many of these green-lite campaigns, 10:10 is deceitful in both underplaying the problem and the solutions. It is very much from the same stable as 1980s development initiatives like Band Aid, which did at least do what it said on the tin: provide temporary relief, not any real answer to the root causes of the problem.

    10:10 are selling trite responses to a global catastrophe. I am not against individual action, including planting fruit trees, but the rapacious destruction of our environment by resource-hungry industrial capitalism and speculation by international financiers will make my fig tree about as effective as a lilo in a tsunami. But of course with big name celebs backing it and doubtless lots of pictures tomorrow of smiling kids, the media will like it and the true threats to our survival and the radical responses required to save us from them will be ignored yet again.

    I blogged a bit on this rather angrily myself last week – if you’re interested, please have a look: http://viridislumen.blogspot.com/2010/10/curse-of-bono.html

    • Thanks for your comment Adrian,
      yes it is a shame that so much of the climate movement is repeating these same mistakes.

      And very sad to see big lobby groups touting false money making non-solutions to the climate crisis being welcomed on to the bandwagon as if we’re “all in it together”.

      Keep up the good work – its important to make these conversations happen, especially if theyre not happening on their own.


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