People Across the U.S. Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day Through Climate Justice Education

October 12, 2010, United States – Indigenous people’s movements around the globe have called for a day of action for climate justice on October 12, Indigenous Peoples’ Day.  “As we prepare for the next round of U.N. Climate Negotiations in Mexico next month, we are voicing our clear opposition to false market-based climate policies,” said Jihan Gearon, Energy Organizer for the U.S.-based Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN). “Our actions and those of our allies this October 12 are part of the growing momentum in favor of real system change.”

In response to the October 12 call, many groups are engaging in educational workshops to stimulate long-term action for climate justice. The Los Angeles-based Bus Riders’ Union and Labor/Community Strategy Center and the Black Mesa Water Coalition on the Navajo Nation in Arizona will hold workshops on the Cochabamba Peoples’ Declaration on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth; the San Antonio, Texas-based Southwest Workers Union will host a community garden workday and ongoing education linking Texas oil companies Valero and Tesoro to California’s Proposition 23. The objectives of these educational activities is to build grassroots capacity to address the climate crisis directly.

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