Environmental Justice Toronto activists drop banner off Gardiner Expressway demanding freedom for G20 arrestee Alex Hundert

October 12th – 2010

Toronto ­– At 8:00am this morning, activists from Environmental Justice Toronto risked arrest by walking on to the Gardiner Expressway to hang a banner saying “Free Alex Hundert,” a community activist who has been in jail since being re-arrested after speaking at a public panel at Ryerson University in mid-September.

“Alex Hundert is a strong voice for indigenous sovereignty and environmental justice. His work with AW@L in Guelph is an inspiration for all who are working to build a better world,” says Environmental Justice Toronto activist Brett Rhyno. “All charges against Alex should be dropped.These arrests, detentions, and false charges are part of a greater attempt to isolate effective and vocal community activists, and to criminalize dissent against the violent policies of the G20, policies that perpetuate environmental degradation, militarization, labour exploitation, and the theft of indigenous lands.”

Excerpt: “Only powerful climate justice movements can achieve the structural changes that are necessary to confront the climate crisis,” says Julien Lalonde, also from EJ Toronto. “All around the world today, climate justice activists are working collectively towards ending our addiction to fossil fuels, replacing industrial agriculture with local systems of food sovereignty and self-sufficiency, halting systems based on endless growth, and addressing the historical responsibility of the global elites’ massive ecological debt to the global exploited.”

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