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By Chris Lang, 1st December 2010

Forests in exhaustion - An ECA guide for the perplexed

Of all the topics under discussion at Cancún, perhaps the oddest is a proposal from Brazil to include something called “forests in exhaustion” in the clean development mechanism. In short, it is a subsidy to the plantations industry either to re-establish plantations or to clear forests and establish new plantations.

Despite the obvious flaws in the idea, it remains on the agenda to be discussed by the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) during the UN climate negotiations in Cancún. Exactly a year ago, REDD-Monitor commented on the proposal to include “Forests in Exhaustion” in the CDM. Without wanting to overdo the Groundhog Day metaphor, I have a strong sense of déjà vu.

This year, the Ecosystems Climate Alliance has produced a detailed guide to Forests in Exhaustion. The summary is below, and the 8-page report “Forests in Exhaustion: An ECA Guide for the Perplexed” can be downloaded here (pdf file 5 MB). Needless to say, the problems are much the same as they were a year ago, and two years ago, and three years ago…

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REDD: The realities in black and white – new report from Friends of the Earth International

REDD: The realities in black and white - new report from Friends of the Earth International

2nd December 2010

“There are several red flags and concerns about REDD by indigenous groups and forest dependent peoples as well as mass social movements across the world,” writes Nnimmo Bassey, Chair of Friends of the Earth International from Cancún. A new report from FoEI, released to coincide with the talks in Cancún, highlights these red flags and concerns.

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The Top 10: What’s wrong with REDD?

3rd December 2010

The Top 10: What's wrong with REDD?

If you’re looking for a list of what’s wrong with REDD, then look no further. The Climate Justice Research Project at Dartmouth College has just produced this top 10 list (fully referenced version below):

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