Breaking News: Climate Camp 2010 – Community direct action to say no to Bayswater B

Over 150 people have pushed over a fence and entered onto land adjacent to the Bayswater coal-fired power station.

They are blockading the coal-laden trains entering the power station — Australia’s single largest source of carbon pollution.

Twelve people have attached themselves with a device to the train tracks. Police indicate all 150 will be arrested. One person has already been arrested for trespass.

Hundreds of other people concerned with the health, environmental and social impacts of coal in the Hunter are gathered nearby in support of the protestors.

Climate Camp Spokesperson Naomi Hogan is on the train tracks and available for interview. Ms Hogan says, “150 people will now be arrested to show the strength of our conviction that we will not allow Bayswater B to be built. We know that if we build Bayswater B, pollution will double, water impacts will double, and health concerns will double.

Hunter resident Ann Hodgson says, “As a local grandmother, we respect and support the action taken today to protect our community and our climate. We do not want new coal – today’s arrests express that in no uncertain terms.”


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