Planet Save Fail! Cop16 Deconstructed : Share this Video!!

Planet Save : FAIL!  is a short film linked in the form of a youtube play list produced by Mobile Broadcast News during COP16 in Cancun, Mexico has been release in the aftermath of the failed UN climate change negotiations. Each piece has been designed to be impactual as an individual pieces or when watched in its entire playlist, provide a broader commentary on the hypocrisy of the event as a whole.

The link to the movie is at:

You can also see the entire playlist and re-embed it into your blog/web page at

COP16 seen from inside and from the streets was an exercise in futility.  With special interests and greed driving the negotiation process, it is becoming more a more clear that the UN framework, which is driven by governments which in many ways do not represent the people is not the most ideal framework for solving the problem at hand.
One of the main focuses of this meeting was the REDD proposal – a market based solution to deforestation issues that would have effectively stripped indigenous communities of their land world wide, and would have provided treaty level laws to streamline the process.  This example of corporate greed trumping the need to address common needs and goals was not finalized, but it dominated the discussions at this summit to a point that none of the other pressing issues related to climate change were addressed at the meeting.
Planet Save Fail – Cop16 Deconstruction is released the day after COP16 ended, illustrating both the hypocrisy of some of the participants and the actual administration of the conference, but also shows a perspective of people on the streets, outside the negotiation hall, shut out of the decision making process that is affecting all of our future.

With the news and context of the latest global climate change meeting coming to the front today and tomorrow we encourage you to share this link across all social networks, and encourage your friends to share it as well over the next few days.

Full coverage from Mobile Broadcast News:

Stormy Staats (Mobile Broadcast News) – 530.598.1670
Vlad Teichberg (Glass Bead Collective)- 347.688.8523

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