Women speak out on climate change, demand climate justice

For Immediate Release
4 April 2011
Contact: Alex Rafalowicz
p. (thai) +66 86884 5366

Women speak out on climate change, demand climate justice

BANGKOK – Today, women leaders from various social movements and civil society organizations from across the world sounded a warning at the direction of the United Nations climate negotiations.

In a press conference chaired by the Thai Working Group on Climate Justice, and held at the current round of the talks in the UN headquarters in Bangkok, Wardarina of Jubilee South-Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development, Anne Maina of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance and Meena Raman of the Friends of the Earth International said women are more harshly affected by the climate crisis.

“Impacts of climate change are not gender neutral. The impacts of climate change, and the solutions currently being negotiated, come into existing social relations that are subordinating women. Climate change and the false solutions being offered have prolonged the gender injustices and feminization of poverty,” said Wardarina, of Jubilee South Asia-Pacific Movement on Debt and Development (JSAPMDD).

“Women need to challenge and be actively engaged in the climate negotiations and hold the US and rich countries accountable for their historical responsibilities. We are here to stop the negotiations heading further in the wrong direction.” Wardarina said. “A top-down approach, with binding targets, like that envisioned in the Kyoto process,
must be agreed this year. Women of the South reject the pledge and review system being pushed by rich developed countries, as it makes further climate impacts inevitable, and shifts the burden of cutting emissions to poor women across Asia, Africa and Latin America.” Meena Raman, of Friends of the Earth International (FoE I), said.

“Consigning the responsibility for cutting emissions to developing nations, while rich industrialized countries are free to pollute, is an affront to us women in the South.” Wardarina said.

“As part of the reparations for the climate debt they owe us, we demand rich countries commit to drastic and deeper cuts in carbon emissions through domestic measures,” Wardarina said.

Anne Maina, of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), said that: “In climate change induced disasters it is primarily the poor who have suffered the most, the majority of which are women. This is the result of women’s marginalized status and dependence on local natural resources, which in turn increases their domestic burdens.”

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  1. te enga harris

    he aha te mea nui o apaptuanuku?
    what is the greatest things of our mother the earth?
    hei ona tamariki ko tane mahuta
    her children the god of the trees and birds
    hei korowai mo te oranga o nga tangata katoa o tenei aohurihuri
    the trees cloak her and give us oxygen to breathe in this changing world
    ko papatuanuku hei te timatanga o tatou katoa ki te mutunga
    the earth is the begining of our sustainance and the end
    hei tiaki iaia kapai ara hei takahi iaia ana ka oti
    look after her and all is well disrespect her and she will wipe you out
    ko matou ona tamariki ano he honore iaia he taonga mo te oranga o te tangata
    we are all her children its an honour shes our precious mother who looks after our well being
    kahore he maumau ona ana taonga
    don’t waste her gifts
    kahore e tahae ona tamariki
    don’t steal her children
    kahore e whaia te mana o te pakeha he paruparu ona mahi
    don’t follow the ways of the whiteman his ways are filthy
    ko wai i awhinatia nga tamariki o te ao nei
    who looks after the children of this world ?
    ko nga whaea nga wahine ma mea iaia
    mothers, women and her
    maku i mihi atu ki a koutou hei akona o tamariki i tiaki kaitiaki iaia
    i will tell you teach your children to look after and protect her
    ana ko iaia he wairua tapu i te huarahi papai a koutou
    she is the sacred spirit road to goodness for all of us
    korerotia kia ratou nga mokopuna o ratou ma
    tell them they are the future of the ancestors
    nga uri nga morehu nga mana rangatira o mua
    they are the healers and their chiefly power of the future
    kei hea nga tangata kei hea nga kaumatau
    where are the men where are the elders
    ka mahi ana a ratou ki te kimi putea whaiwhai ki te matenga
    they work at gathering money and killing and fighting
    karanga nga wahine o te ao marama ka otinga tenei te he
    call out women of this world of understanding to finish all this wrong
    kore kau te aroha i te ao kore kau te manaaki o te tangata ka mate tera
    no love in this world no caring of people thats death

    • te enga harris

      wasn’t really wat was on the first one but similar and the other one was more than but its lost to the cyber world and this is a shadow of wats lost in translation

  2. te enga harris

    um what happened to my comment please explain ???

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