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Evo Morales is calling an international summit on climate change which promises to be a world away from Copenhagen. Vanessa Baird finds reason to be hopeful.

NI Special Feature: Peoples' summit‘Fiasco’ was the short but perfectly fitting word for last year’s Copenhagen Climate Summit. (‘A complete, ignominious failure’ is the longer dictionary definition.) No targets, no binding agreements, no attempt to tackle the root causes of global warming.

But even during the dismal days of the summit there were a few glimmers of hope. There were the protesters on the streets of the Danish capital, for a start. And there were the positions taken by some Majority World countries. Chief amongst these was the delegation from Bolivia.

New Internationalist’s Jess Worth recalls: ‘A high point for me was when Pablo Solón, the Bolivian ambassador to the UN and chief climate change negotiator, came out at 3 am and talked to protesters on the streets. I found I could agree one hundred per cent with everything he said. That’s very rare.’

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